Our owners want to change the way restaurants are run and challenge the way they work. This is evident in our design. We are setup to allow our guests to see and experience everything! We are proud that we have nothing to hide! We hire proven professionals to insure the highest levels of service and that our demanding standards are not only met but exceeded. 

"We are a group of characters that share a common passion! We want to provide you with an amazing experience at our restaurant!" - Chef Cody



Our Favorite Quote


The noblest art is that of making others happy.

- P.T. Barnum  


Nick Salvetti, CEC - CEO / Chef


With almost 20 years of industry experience and a flair for fine dining and a passion for food, Nick brings enthusiasm and creativity to the team. 

The name Défi in part came from Chef Nick telling us how the greatest challenge for a chef is to open his or her own restaurant. To see a project like this through to reality takes a huge amount of drive, grit, and determination. 

"Défi to me is a dream that I've had for years and was beginning to think would never come true." "I was always looking for the right person to go into business with, someone that has the same passions as me, I'm happy to find that" - Chef Nick 

Cody Dedischew - CFO / Chef


Cody brings 15 years of industry experience, and has an unbridled passion for local, sustainable, and organic food. His passion drives him to source products from the local community. "I see so much amazing food from great local farmers, it should be a crime that this isn't celebrated!" 


Chef Cody's dream is to help change the way food is grown in this country. "By asking the farmers what they need to grow to improve the land, we are helping to change the mono-crop system that has been in place for years!" Change starts with one person, I'm happy to be a part of the continuing food movement in  this country.