Our Philosophy 


Cooking and eating is one of the original concept of humanity and has lead to the development of society. As ways of cooking and eating evolved society did as well up until about 380 years ago with the invention of the restaurant. It was at this point people slowly started giving up the roll of cooking, relinquishing the gastronomic duty to restaurants. The concept of restaurants truly hasn't changed as an idea in all these years. In short, you (the guest) orders food, someone lets the cook/chef know what you'd like, that person behind some wall or in a basement makes your food, and it is brought to you. We are here to challenge that! We want to develop relationships with our guests and chefs, we want our guests to know where their food is coming from and why it was chosen, we want our guests to taste the difference in fresh, local, amazing food, and food that was shipped from around the world. Are you ready to change the way you look at food?