Your Safety is Our Priority. 

We are making changes to the way we operate to ensure the safety of our guests and our staff including... 

  1. We, along with state law, require a mask to enter the restaurant.

  2. We limit the number of people at each seating and have removed half of our chairs to insure proper social distancing. 

  3. We have only two seatings per evening to allow us time to fully sanitize the restaurant between guests. 

  4. We ask that if you have ANY symptom of Covid-19 please DO NOT COME TO THE RESTAURANT. 

We are working closely with the County Health Department, CDC, and national regulatory agencies to ensure we have and are implementing the most up-to-date response to the pandemic.  

If you have questions feel free to reach out to us at


208 W Water St

Syracuse, NY 13202



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