Reservations only featuring a Five Course Chef's tasting menu. Our menu changes weekly and features offerings from local farms. We require face masks be worn into the restaurant and can be removed once seated, if you need to get up from your seat for any reason we require you to please wear your mask. 



208 West Water Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

In the Amos Building across from the Federal Building  at the corner of West Water and North Clinton Street

-Hours of Operation- 

We are reservations only Wednesday through Saturday starting at 5:30 pm with last seating at 8pm.  Our doors open 30 minutes prior to the seating. 


The Menu

At the very heart of everything we do is the food! We take great care and pride in selecting amazing local products, whether grown and raised here or in our area, treating that food with care and respect in the kitchen and delivering an amazing dish to every patron! 

Défi Cuisine Corp. is a dining experience, not just "going out to dinner". We are here to provide you with a first class gastronomic destination in the heart of Syracuse. If you are looking for a romantic night out with the person you love or having a fun night with friends we are here to provide you an unparalleled dining experience!   

The Bar

Flavor and craft does not stop at the delicious food we serve. Our bar and staff work hard to create and perfect our seasonal  cocktail menu, our ever changing local beers, and our sommelier developed wine list.

We here too try to use as many local ingredients as we can. All of our well vodka, gin, and whiskey is made in state, and is featured in may of our cocktails. All the beers we have on draft are made in state, and our wine list features some of the best wines our area has to offer. We also offer light snacks at the bar if your looking for something to munch on with your drink!  

Who Are We?

-Our Beginning-


Every story has a beginning, and for our owners it starts with looking for amazing and delicious food. They opened Défi Cuisine based around using wonderful local ingredients. Working With local farms is a great start, but they wanted more seeking out the best with the ideals of sustainability, organics, multi-cropping, and crop rotation in mind. We are proud to partner with farms that we feel are helping make for a better tasting future! They see this as a challenge, hence the name Défi Cuisine, translated from french, challenge food...

-Our Philosophy- 


Cooking and eating is one of the original concept of humanity and has lead to the development of society. As ways of cooking and eating evolved society did as well up until about 380 years ago with the invention of the restaurant. It was at this point people slowly started giving up the roll of cooking, relinquishing the gastronomic duty to restaurants. The concept of restaurants truly hasn't changed as an idea in all these years. In short, you (the guest) orders food, someone lets the cook/chef know what you'd like, that person behind some wall or in a basement makes your food, and it is brought to you. We are here to challenge that! We want to develop relationships with our guests and chefs, we want our guests to know where their food is coming from and why it was chosen, we want our guests to taste the difference in fresh, local, amazing food, and food that was shipped from around the world. Are you ready to change the way you look at food?   

-Our work with Farms-

"You are what you eat", more than likely you've heard this old adage and never truly thought about it. Lets try this, the next time you go to a farmers market, try to find a local truly organic carrot, ask the farmer all about the carrot (or some other vegetable or fruit that is in season), how it was raised and where is came from (note, carrots are best in September). Then stop by your grocery store and pick up a regular carrot... Go home, wash them, and taste them side by side for which one has more flavor! It's the local carrot, not because its form heirloom seed or some magic carrot, it grew up in better soil, it has more nutrition to offer us and thus tastes better to us. Our tastes reward better nutrition for the most part! The carrot got what it needed from its food making it easier for you to do the same. That is the basic idea behind what we are trying to do!



Upcoming Events

Second Anniversary Dinner
Sat, Apr 04
Defi Cuisine Corp
Apr 04, 7:00 PM
Defi Cuisine Corp, 208 West Water Street, Syracuse, NY, USA
All Events are on Hold until more information becomes avalible
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